Keith Bridger, RIP

In the midst of a global pandemic, we are saddened to report this awful disease has taken one of our own; Keith Bridger, our friend and regular contributor.

Keith performed in five plays for Christian Voices. His varied roles included the Wounded Man aided by the Good Samaritan (“What would you do?”) and the father of the Prodigal Son (“Lost and Found”).

Keith will be remembered by all that knew him as a truly kind man of God.

Our love and prayers go to Keith’s family and friends.

Comment: “by far the best”

And the wonderful comments about Finding Hope by Christian Voices just keep on coming, this time from Vanessa Wood and John Mewett.

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Comment: “Well Done”

Here’s another great commment about Christian Voices latest play, Finding Hope. This comment is from Phil.

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Comment: “yet another superb presentation”

Christian Voices have received some great new comments regarding our latest play, Finding Hope.

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Comment: Christian Voices’ play “very moving”

Christian Voices have received these wonderful comments from Paul & Bet on behalf of Ninfield Methodist Church about our latest play, “Finding Hope“.

Just a short line to thank you, & all the Christian voices group, for a lovely presentation of ‘Finding Hope’ yesterday morning.

The play was very moving and the theme was very original and touching. The songs were excellent, too.

We felt everything came together to lead us in a spirit-led service.

Well done & thanks again.

Paul & Bet (& all of us at Ninfield Methodist)

If you want to see “Finding Hope” then you’ve got one last chance this Sunday, 15th December at Christchurch Methodist Church, starting 10.30 a.m.

Finding Hope at the first Christmas

Christian Voices are proud to announce our Christmas Play, “Finding Hope“.

The play is set at the time of the census and a group of friends living in Bethlehem were unaware that the birth of Jesus was about to happen.
Mark, one of the group, had recently become a widower. He was trying to cope with the loss of his wife. What would give him hope that his
life still had meaning?

The play was written by Alan Young, the music composed by Dave Chamberlin and the lyrics written by Alan Young. It is directed by Jac Young.

The play will be performed on:-

  • Sunday, 1st December — St Mary’s Church, Westham at 9.45 a.m.
  • Sunday, 8th December — Ninfield Methodist Church at 10.30 a.m.
  • Sunday, 15th December — Christchurch Methodist Church at 10.30 a.m.

Join us, all are welcome. We’re sure the performances will be worth more than 9 points!

WUTH donations from Christian Voices top £1000

The last Christian Voices play, Gifts from God, was lucky enough to have most excellent audiences. Indeed most generous too.

After each of the six performances there was an opportunity for donations. Over all the performances we collected an absolutely astonishing £1,100.

Hard to say anything but thank you so, so much to all those that donated. Those donations went to Warming Up The Homeless, WUTH.

WUTH (registered charity, no. 1180417) helps people without a home, providing one meal, hot drink or change of clothes at a time. Their mission is the relief of poverty among the street homeless/rough sleepers through the provision of items to support basic needs such as sleeping bags, ground sheets, survival sheets, blankets, clothing, food and toiletries. They also aim to improve the individual’s welfare through emotional support, even if it’s just a smile or by signposting them to other services.

In recognition of the donation, WUTH have sent Christian Voices a letter and certificate.

More details about WUTH can be found on the WUTH website.

Review: “Lovely singing and musical accompaniment” to latest Christian Voices play

Christian Voices performed “Gifts from God” at The Pelham in October 2019, our first visit to that venue. Vanessa Wood saw that performance and has sent us this review.

I thought that the casting was very well done with each character showing the relevant actors strengths. I loved that Jo, Maureen and Margaret, the prompt and stage-management, were singing along to all the songs.
It’s a credit to Dave’s songwriting that after just hearing each chorus once, the chap next to me was singing along when the chorus was repeated in the song. Lovely singing and musical accompaniment.
I liked the venue too. Unlike John I had no knowledge of the storyline prior to the show, but found the play was very thought provoking and as relevant today as it would have been then.

Thanks, Vanessa. great to hear you liked the songs as well as the dramatic elements of the play.

Christian Voices show “a deeper meaning” behind parable

John Mewett, who saw “Gifts from God” at The Pelham, has sent Christian Voices this review.

Since I used to go to Sunday School I frequently used to read and discuss this parable. Now……I fully understand how films and plays work. A play such as Romeo and Juliet doesn’t have to be taken literally in Verona of the 15th century but could say something for gang and knife crime today, or, Macbeth can be seen as a play of scheming and plotting as we see in the politics of today and also the same in many films

BUT….SOMEHOW I have remained stuck with receiving the literal translation with the Bible Stories.
Thanks to you Alan and your writing, with this play, you have broken my mindset. I now see a deeper meaning and have a much better understanding of the parable!!

Wonderful part once again for Nick, I am sure that you must write these parts with the members of your ensemble in mind. Lovely music and singing too. A very enjoyable evening and a lovely venue
Thanks again

Thanks to you, John, for taking the time to let us know your thoughts and send in your wonderful comments.

Review: Christian Voices play addresses “complex parable”

David Marsh, of St. Martha’s Church, has sent us this review of “Gifts from God“, the Christian Voices play performed in October 2019.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Gifts from God” and it seemed to go down very well with the audience too!
I think it is one of the more complex parables and you did an excellent job addressing the underlying questions it raises and drawing out the wider themes.
The performances of all the members of the Group were excellent, too, and Jamie King is a real star.

We’re glad you enjoyed the play, we certainly enjoyed performing it.