The parable of the Unforgiving Servant asks of us all, can we forgive and forget.

Unmerciful Servant

Christian Voices performed the play Forgive and Forget based on this lesser known parable. The play follows two servants, each of whom owes money and what happens to them when the debts are called in.

If we found ourselves with amazing good fortune, would we pass that on?

Sometimes called the Unmerciful Servant, the parable opens with Jesus being asked how many times we should forgive. Jesus’ reply is “not seventy-seven times“. Can any of us even aspire to this lofty target?

For your reference: Matthew 18 versus 21-35

The cast and production team from November 2011 can be found here.

The production was performed:

  • 7:30pm, Monday 14th November 2011, St. Michael’s Church, Bexhill
  • 7:30pm, Wednesday 16th November 2011, Christchurch Methodist Church, Bexhill
  • 7:30pm, Thursday 17th November 2011, United Reformed Church, Bexhill
  • 3:00pm, Saturday 19th November 2011, St. Mark’s Church Hall, Little Common
  • 9:45am, Sunday 20th November 2011, St. Peter’s Community Centre, Bexhill

The Forgive and Forget – Programme is available for viewing or downloading as is the original script.


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