We are very fortunate in Christian Voices to have been able to use the marvellous skills of several musicians over the years.  The foundation of the music group are our stalwarts David and Natasha.

MJPG0013 P1070150
P1070152 P1050368 (Small)

It seems though that we don’t have exclusive rights to these talented individuals!  No, apparently they’ve been moonlighting as the Christian Pop duet “Unity

Husband and wife David & Natasha Chamberlin have put together some wonderful tunes and lyrics and as the themes are Christian, and they are using their voices (singing) it seems a good fit with the whole “Christian Voices” theme.

(Did you see what we did there?)

David and Natasha have uploaded several of their songs to YouTube.  We’ve enjoyed listening – and watching the associated imagery.

If you have any difficulty playing or viewing any of the files we’ve uploaded let us know.

Ignite my soul
I Sing
Ignite my soul
Mother Earth
Joy of the Lord
Heavenly angels
Thank you Jesus
Death is a great mystery

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