Christian Voices had a brand new play for Spring, 2015 – Malachi.

A holy man arrives in town to spread the Word of God.

Temple and priests in disarray?
Problems everywhere he turns?
How can this story resolve itself?


In our story Malachi is a learned man of God who is travelling to His people to spread the Word and Law that He has laid down upon them.  The people have broken those laws and our story follows the ramifications of those decisions and Malachi’s reaction to each individual concerned.

Malachi is the last of the Old Testament prophets.  Indeed, the book itself is the last book in the Old Testament.  The name “Malachi” means “My Messenger“.  As such there is some discussion on whether we’re talking about a specific individual or an anonymous prophet or even a conclave.  Whichever it is – the intent is to bring the People of God back to Him and His Law.

It is fair to say that some of the subject matter in this short book is difficult in today’s more liberal mind.  But we hope we dealt with these issues – without avoiding them – with tact, thoughtfulness and concern for those involved.

Some of our characters have a pretty hard time of it in this play.  We hope the audience though did not!

In 2015 the play was performed by Christian Voices six times.  The playwright, Alan Young, produced a seven act play with six songs from our song-meister, Dave Chamberlin.

The cast list can be found here.

The programme produced can be found here.

The complete script can be found here.

The production was performed:

  • Saturday, 11th April, 3:00pm, Ninfield Methodist Church Hall
  • Monday, 13th April, 8:00pm, St. Martha’s Church, Little Common
  • Tuesday, 14th April, 7:45pm, Beulah Baptist Church, Bexhill
  • Thursday, 16th April, 7:45pm, Calvert Methodist Church, Hastings
  • Sunday, 19th April, 9:45am, St. Peter’s Community Centre, Bexhill
  • Sunday, 19th April, 3:00pm, Bexhill United Reformed Church