It was our great privilege that during October 2016 Christian Voices performed The Miraculous Birth.

The story of the birth of John the Baptist is not often retold but vital to Christian belief.

How would an older couple, like Elizabeth and Zechariah, cope with such news today?  How would any of us react to an angelic visitation?

What would we do if our friends were so affected?

In 2016 the play was performed six times by Christian Voices.  The playwright was Alan Young and the song writer was Dave Chamberlin.

The cast list can be found here.
The programme produced can be found here.
The script can be found here.
The advertising pamphlet can be found here.

The production was performed at:

  • 3:00pm, Saturday 8th October 2016, Ninfield Methodist Church Hall
  • 3:00pm, Sunday 9th October 2016, St. Martha’s Church, Little Common
  • 7:45pm, Wednesday 12th October 2016, Christchurch Methodist Church, Bexhill
  • 7:45pm, Thursday 13th October 2016, St. Michael’s Church, Bexhill
  • 6:30pm, Saturday 15th October 2016, Christ the King Church, Eastbourne
  • 9:45am, Sunday 16th October 2016, St. Peter’s Community Church, Bexhill