“No Room At The Inn” is based on the story of the Nativity.

No Room at the Inn

Christian Voices put forward this simple question in their latest (December 2013) production.

Many people were affected by the census that is so well known to all Christians so many years ago.  There must have been many interesting stories to be told, even if none quite as delightful and awe inspiring as that of Mary and Joseph.

Our playwright, Alan Young comments:

“With this play, I tried to imagine how stressed the Innkeeper
must have been with so many people staying at his Inn and
how the guests themselves would have felt before someone
arrived desperately needing a room at the inn”

The cast and production team can be found here.

The service sheet from the performance at St. Peter’s can be found here.

The programme from the performance can be found here.

The complete script can be found here.

This production was performed:

  • 9:45am, Sunday 15th December 2013, St. Peter’s Community Centre, Bexhill
  • 2:30pm, Sunday 15th December 2013, Ninfield Methodist Church

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