Lazarus is back – again

The first play I saw from Christian Voices was way back in July, 2010. I was just a member of the audience that day but the experience provoked myself and my good lady to get more involved in the group.

Christian Voices were inspired that day by the story of Jesus calling Lazarus from the tomb. This year, Christian Voices return to this wonderful story.
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Beyond the Clouds

Christian Voices have new play in the offing!

Beyond the Clouds is by Chris King.  Although Chris has been a regular member of Christian Voices for some time this will be the first play he has written for the group.  As if that wasn't pressure enough Chris is also directing.  The play includes three new songs by Alan Young.

Chris says:

"It's about what happens to a family when the husband reads the gospels for the first time and is shaken and transformed by how Jesus seems to be asking them to live.
Seeking guidance, his wife and son, who feel thrown by the changes he proposes to their way of life, invite their church minister to help reconcile their differences.
She offers a vision of a Christian approach that challenges them all to let go of the shallowness of much of their thinking and really listen to what God is saying to them."

The play will have its one-off performance be performed as part of Time for God at St. Peter's Community Centre Bexhill, 9:45am on Sunday, 30th July. Later the same day, catch Beyond the Clouds at Pett Methodist Church, 6:00pm.


Such A Generous Donation

Christian Voices have received the letter below from Contact the Elderly.  We were very pleased to be able to support this important work with some our most vulnerable and lonely citizens in the UK.

Bexhill Observer: Cash from thought-provoking play will help charity tackle loneliness

June, 2017 and Christian Voices were able to present the local branch of Contact the Elderly with a cheque for £700.

The presentation was covered in the Bexhill Observer, as attached.  In the article you’ll find some comments on Christian Voices and the mission statement for Contact the Elderly.

The donations from our audiences were very generous.  As Alan Young, the founder of Christian Voices, says:

“We thank them for being so appreciative and receptive, and all the churches who supported us.”

Hundreds of Pounds raised for Contact the Elderly

Christian Voices‘ performances of Teacher in the Temple in May 2017 were in aid of the local branch of Contact the Elderly.

The charity (registered in England and Wales, #1146149) is “solely dedicated to tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people“.  The work done by these simple acts of kindness (monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties) is often considered a life line to some of the most lonely members of our society.

We’re therefore very pleased to announce that through the generosity of our audiences we have raised the amazing sum of £700 for Contact the Elderly.

Thank you to all who attended and donated.  As always, very much appreciated.

Comment: “Interesting New Take”

Christian Voices are often touched by the comments we receive from our audiences.  We’re grateful that you enjoy and appreciate the messages we try to portray.  Thank you.

Two of our regular “commentators” are John Mewett and Vanessa Wood.  Always supportive and complimentary and their feedback on our May 2017 play, Teacher in the Temple, was no exception.

We were so sorry to find out the sad news about Graham – the Group must feel his loss terribly.
A good story that was written and portrayed very thoughtfully and acted extremely well.
An interesting new take on the music and a very positive and confident performance from Temi.
It was nice to see how Jamie’s and Laura’s confidence continues to grow with each new play.

Thank you, John & Vanessa.  Graham has indeed left a hole in all our hearts.
We too were impressed with our new member, Temi, and the youngsters who continue to be an inspiration to the rest of the group.


Teacher touring Bexhill

The day has come and Teacher in the Temple finally gets its first performance. We’ll be at Sackville Road Methodist Church at 3pm.

Christian Voices have been inspired by the story of Jesus being lost in the Temple as a child for the latest play – meeting the people who travelled with the Holy Family for Passover. Continue reading

Bexhill Observer: Passionate play will celebrate Passover

In the Your News section of the Bexhill Observer (Friday, 21st April, 2016) a short article announced the next Christian Voices play Teacher in the Temple.

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Lecture Tour Announced

Christian Voices next play will be performed this May (2017) at six locations.

Teacher in the Temple tells the story of Joseph and Mary taking the young Jesus to the Temple for Passover.  The pilgrimage to Jerusalem gives us an insight into how the Christ-Child may have interacted with the people he meets.

Then, of course, any parent’s worst nightmare. Your child goes missing.  How would you react?  What if you knew your child was the Messiah?

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Graham Payne (14/Feb/1948 – 29/Mar/2017)

It’s with great sadness we have heard today of the passing of our dear friend, Graham Payne.

We will all miss his great friendship, warmth, kindness, talent and his wonderful sense of humour. 

Graham played a most active role in Christian Voices, joining us back in 2011 for The Great Banquet.  Graham was ever-present from that point forward, acting in sixteen Plays.  A memorable Malachi, Zechariah, Paul, and many others.  Graham also directed No Room At The Inn in 2014 and The Runaway Slave and Another Way Home, both in 2015.

 It has been our privilege to have known Graham.  Our love and prayers go out to Graham’s family and friends.