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Here below you will find a poem from a good friend of Christian Voices, John Knight.

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Bexhill Observer: Musical drama group celebrate 10th year with ‘Leap of Faith’ production

Here’s the latest article about Christian Voices in the Bexhill Observer on the Friday, 27th April, 2018.

Comments from those that have seen our plays, a very short history of the group, and an announcement on the next performance. All squeezed into one tiny article?


Check out our previous article to find out where and when to catch “Leap of Faith“.

Tenth Anniversary

Wow! We’re ten years old!

Just a quick note to say  we’ve created a special page in our “About Us” section.

We’ve had a wonderful time putting on over twenty plays in those years and hope to have many more years of spreading the Word of God throughout Sussex.

Thank you to all our actors, directors, musicians, singers, writers (of plays and songs), and all the backroom people who all help to put on a show.  Plus, of course, all our brilliant hosts and audiences.

Leap of Faith

Christian Voices are looking forward to their next play – Leap of Faith.

The play is based on the story of Doubting Thomas.  The story of an apostle, someone who had followed and heard Jesus for some time, needing proof to believe in The Resurrection is something that would relate to many of us.  We all have doubts.  We all, eventually, have to take some sort of leap of faith on our journey with Christ.

The play is written by Alan Young and the songs are by Dave Chamberlin.

Performances will be found at:

  • Saturday, 12th May, 3pm, Ninfield Methodist Church Hall
  • Sunday, 13th May, 9:45am, St Peter’s Community Centre, Bexhill
  • Sunday, 13th May, 2pm, Bexhill United Reformed Church
  • Monday, 14th May, 8pm, St Martha’s Church Hall, Little Common
  • Friday, 18th May, 7.45pm, Christchurch Methodist Church, Bexhill
  • Sunday, 20th May, 10.45am, Pett Methodist Church

There will be a donations basket at each performance.  All donations will be in aid of Poor Clares Convent, Lynton.  Alan Young’s sister was a nun at the Franciscan order until her tragic death last October.

Jesus is behind me” cartoon reproduced with permission, © Chris Bambrough,


Sussex 4×4 Response: with grateful thanks

Christian Voices have in recent years been raising money via donations at performances for local good causes.

Our dear friend, Graham Payne, was a member of both Christian Voices and and Sussex 4×4 Response.  Sadly, Graham passed away in 2017 and so, in his memory, Sussex 4×4 Response received the donations from our performances of Lazarus that year.

Attached is the kind letter we received from Sussex 4×4 Response acknowledging the donations and the important role Graham played in their organisation.

Bexhill Observer: Drama group pays tribute: Shows in memory of member

Missed this one back in September 2017.

Lazarus was performed in memory of our dear friend, Graham Payne who passed away earlier in 2017.  Graham was a constant member of Christian Voices for many years and is greatly missed by all who new him.



Great pleasure having you with us this morning

Comments regarding Christian Voices most recent outing, Bridges or Walls, keep coming.  We’ve received the note below from Sandy Willard, who took the Service at Christchurch Methodist Church on 21st January 2018.

Dear Alan,
I know I have thanked you, but felt I just had to say another thank you – your presentation today certainly warranted at least two thank you’s!
As you said, it was different, but again the message was there, and it was so well put across. I loved the musical back ground music too, your songs were excellent, and the singing of your oh so talented family! 
Everyone who spoke to me at the end of the service, spoke highly of the performance.
It was a really great pleasure having you with us this morning, thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing you all again, before too long. 
Best wishes Alan to you and your family, Sandy x

Thank You, Christian Voices

Thanks to Barry Turnwell for sharing this article from a recent edition of “Messenger Magazine”.
Christian Voices always want to here feedback and it’s certainly wonderful to see comments like “a very worthwhile service giving us plenty to talk about”.

And a cheeky reference of what’s to come from Christian Voices in the near future at the end there…

Bexhill Observer: Bridges or Walls

Below is an article submitted to the Bexhill Observer.

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Bridges or Walls

Christianity has many aspects, sects, and denominations and all too often we allow even the smallest differences between us to become an insurmountable wall when we should be building bridges.

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