Finding Room may prove difficult this Christmas

Christian Voices are proud to announce a new play for Advent 2018.

The play is called “Finding Room” and is written and directed by Sarah Surman. The Songs are composed by Alan Young.

A brief synopsis (from the playwright):-

There is no room at the inn but can we find room for others in need?

  • a needy neighbour
  • a prodigal brother
  • a hungry thief
  • a pregnant stranger

Can we find room for love to be born?

Christian Voices present a Christmas play that explores the lives of eight people who are “Finding Room“.

  • luckily the performances are far easier to find:-
    • Sunday, 9th December – Sackville Road Methodist Church at 10.30 a.m.
    • Sunday, 9th December – St Peter’s Church at 7.30 p.m.
    • Sunday, 16th December – St Barnabas Church at 10.30 a.m.
    • Sunday, 30th December – Christchurch Methodist Church at 10:30 a.m.

    Judges ruling postponed

    It is with regret that Christian Voices announce that the performances of Justice from the Judge, scheduled for September / October 2018, have been postponed.

    We wish all our sick and injured performers (yep, we’ve been hit hard) speedy recoveries and the best of health over the autumn months.

    Christian Voices will return, and Justice from the Judge will be handed down in 2019.

    Justice arrives after Ten Years

    Christian Voices celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. Their next play is “Justice from the Judge” and is based on the parable of the persistent widow.

    A widow is wronged and seeks justice from a corrupt Judge who does not respect or fear God. She will not stop asking the Judge until she is given justice.

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    Poor Clares receive £805 from Christian Voices

    Christian Voices are pleased to announce that through the generosity of our audiences we have raised an astonishing £805 for our selected charity, Poor Clares Convent in Lynton.

    Alan Young’s sister was a nun at the Franciscan order until her tragic death last October. Alan is the founder of Christian voices and wrote the play, Leap of Faith.

    We’d like to send a big thank you to all who donated so generously.

    From the Poor Clares website:

    The Poor Clares are a contemplative order founded 800 years ago by St Clare of Assisi, under the inspiration and guidance of St Francis. They are known as the Second Order of St. Francis and their houses can be found in every continent in the world, except Antarctica!

    big congratulations on another fantastic play

    Here’s a lovely comment from Temi, who has worked with Christian Voices in the past, on our performances of Leap of Faith.

    It is always such a joy to be able to be a part of your plays, as a participant or as a member of the audience. 
    I am always so overwhelmed by the love you all show me and I’m left feeling thankful for the blessing of knowing you all and being a part of the Christian voices family.
    I want to congratulate you again for reaching the landmark of 10 years of ministry, for your obedience to God’s calling, and for your faithfulness in keeping it going. You can not know the number of lives that have been touched by God through the plays, but God certainly does, and I’m sure that He will continue to bless you, your family and all those who are a part of this ministry and to give you all that you need to continue this good work.
    I am always eager to be a part of anything that gives me the opportunity to perform for God and hope that He will provide another opportunity for me to participate in future plays, but as always I surrender everything to God knowing that He knows best and that His timing is always perfect!

    …a big congratulations on another fantastic play!

    Thanks, Temi, and we hope to have you on the other side of the footlights in the future!

    This play had something different

    Vanessa Wood and John Mewett, our regular reviewers, have sent in this excellent feedback on Christian Voices’ recent (May 2018) performances of Leap of Faith.

    Music – loved the melodies on the first song especially, again nice to have such a versatile music corner, piano, guitar, bass all able to add to each song and also lovely singing.
    Play – a lovely story that gave great opportunities for the writing to develop each characters views on the unfolding events. Some lovely depth to the history of each character built well into the reasons for their reactions. Splendid acting as is normal for your group.
    Difficult to know why or what, but this play had something different about it.
    It had more depth. There were things in the story that resonated more than the others.

    Another excellent performance

    Another wonderful comment, this time from Barry Turnwell of Christchurch Methodist Church, on Christian Voices’ performances of Leap of Faith.

    …Just a short note to thank you and the members of Christian Voices for another excellent performance at Christchurch and, as you know, we always enjoy your visits. Please convey our thanks and particularly to the stand in performer who played Peter…

    …we look forward to seeing you again later in the year, and possibly on a Sunday morning…

    A most enjoyable morning

    We at Christian Voices love to hear from our hosts and audiences.  Of course it helps if the comments are as positive as this, from Keith Miller of Pett Methodist Church with respect to our recent (May,2018) performances of Leap of Faith.

    …I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. As chairman of the Fairlight Players (a fine body of thespians established in 1950) I appreciate how much work goes into such a production. The script was very well written, and the performances by all cast members quite excellent. Dave’s music provided seamless transition between scenes and I admire anyone who can write songs to order in that way…

    …Altogether, a most enjoyable morning. Please pass on my appreciation to the whole company, and I hope you will include us in your itinerary for a future production.

    Christian Voices 2008 – 2018

    Here below you will find a poem from a good friend of Christian Voices, John Knight.

    A little celebration of our tenth anniversary. Continue reading

    Bexhill Observer: Musical drama group celebrate 10th year with ‘Leap of Faith’ production

    Here’s the latest article about Christian Voices in the Bexhill Observer on the Friday, 27th April, 2018.

    Comments from those that have seen our plays, a very short history of the group, and an announcement on the next performance. All squeezed into one tiny article?


    Check out our previous article to find out where and when to catch “Leap of Faith“.