Gifts or talents, do we use what God has given us?

October 2019 sees a new play from Christian VoicesGifts from God!

When a wealthy master trusts his fortune to his three servants whilst he has to go away, he expects them to act wisely – perhaps even make him a profit.

But will the servants make the most of what has been given to them? Do any of us? Continue reading

Bexhill Observer: Bexhill group’s ‘best ever’ show raises big sum for charity

Christian Voices, the musical drama group, have raised an incredible £1,008 for Epilepsy Sussex from the performances of their play, “Justice from the Judge”.

So starts the latest article in the Bexhill Observer (14/Jun/2019). The full article can be found on the Observer website.

…or you can find the article in full here…

Letter from EpilepsySussex

It was Christian Voices great pleasure to recently present £1008 to EpilepsySussex.

They have very kindly acknowledged the generosity of our audiences with the attached letter.

Just a small quote:

“Epilepsy affects about 16,000 people in Sussex alone and it can be and often is a life altering condition.”

Thank you once again to all who donated so generously.

Review: Justice from the Judge

David Marsh, who goes to St Martha’s Church, sent us these lovely words after watching Justice from the Judge.

I thought the play was excellent! I really enjoyed it! It is not easy with that story to be able to draw out all the different messages about rules, law, respect etc effectively but I thought you pitched it just right. The central themes of determination through faith in the face of adversity and our enemies and continuing to pray even if all hope looks lost, were very well delivered. I thought the actors were superb and the songs very well matched.

Great work, sir! I look forward to the next one!

Another Review: Justice from the Judge

As we like to get feedback on our performances we thought you’d like to read another kind review of our latest play, Justice from the Judge.

Sandy Willard of Christchurch Methodist, a Christian Voices regular, has sent us these lovely words about that performance.

I know I thanked you this morning, and said how much I enjoyed your performance but I felt I just had to write to you to say again how I felt about everything connected with this play. As you know, I always enjoy every play, but somehow today was perfection in every way.

Everybody’s diction was so clear and loud, each member knew their words, they came in on cue, each member was so well cast, you and your wife changed the scenery without fuss as and when required, and of course your writing of the story from Luke, was excellent and I particularly liked that there were bits of humour in it. It was easy to watch, and the message was there loud and clear. I liked the way emphasised reference to God and prayer was so simply dealt with, especially in the closing of the performance. As always too I enjoyed Dave’s songs and his singing with your wife and the other lady – again, so simple words, but emphasised all that was told in the acting.

It was lovely too to see your daughters there with you and I think Jamie is doing so well with the group. He tells me he has been with you for some seven years, and it’s so good to follow him through all your presentations.

I really look forward to seeing you again for your next play but I just can’t see that you will be able to better today’s – it was truly great.

Astonishing generosity shown by audiences at Justice from the Judge

Sometimes we are truly taken aback by the audience reaction to Christian Voices plays.

Oh, it’s great when people laugh or sigh in the right places and give a hearty round of applause at the end.

But it has always been an important point with Christian Voices that the performances are free to attend.

In more recent years we have started a collection at the back where people can leave whatever they feel. No lower limit and indeed not pressure to leave any donation at all. All monies collected, however, do go to local good causes.

With Justice from the Judge we decided to support Epilepsy Sussex. If you’re interested you can find out more about what they do on their website.

Well, either this cause or our magical performances hit some sort of note with our audiences as we collected an astounding £1,008!

That’s the highest ever donated at our performances and the first time we broken through the £1k mark!!

A big, big thank you to all who reached so very deep into their pockets and gave with both hands!

Review: Justice from the Judge

We always like to get feedback on our performances and our latest play, Justice from the Judge, has already received several that we’ll upload in the coming days.

Vanessa Wood and John Mewett went to our performance in St Martha’s Church Hall. They have sent us this lovely review of that performance. Thank you so much, Vanessa and John.

A very enjoyable evening!!
The addition of the Drum backing was very good and the songs, as usual, complimenting each Act really well.
Lovely vocals, very clear and in a lovely key too!
Very well acted! It was nice to see a new face (Dana) and the return of another (Jo). The portrayal of the young adult/parent relationship was very well observed. Personally, I felt that it almost put the main storyline into the background, and I was left a little disappointed that I will never know if Simon bonded back with his Mum. Dave’s song (“Teenage Attitude”) was a very strong and a good description of teenage angst.
John really enjoyed it and found it as, with all of Alan’s plays, very thought provoking! He thinks considering it is an amateur production, the acting is always of a very high standard! Jamie portrayed his character well and it was nice to see Graham back playing the bass guitar. It was also noticeable how well engaged the audience were.
The play got the large audience it deserved.

Bexhill Observer: Christian Voices – Group to perform Justice from the Judge play

Here’s the article from the Bexhill Observer (03/May/2019) that announced our recent play “Justice from the Judge“.

The article includes a great photo of the cast [1] and notes that all monies raised go to Epilepsy Sussex.

[1]Clara Bell the dog did not appear in this play.

Justice arrives a bit later than advertised

Christian Voices announce that their next play will beJustice from the Judge” and is based on the parable of the persistent widow.

A widow is wronged and seeks justice from a corrupt Judge who does not respect or fear God. She will not stop asking the Judge until she is given justice.

Continue reading

We Found Some Room!

December 2018 saw Christian Voices perform the new play Finding Room.

We’ve now got the webpage for the play up where we describe the play, list the cast and even the programme.

Follow the link to find out more about this seasonal (Christmas) performance.  Who were the other people at the inn?  What were their needs and challenges?  It was a pleasure to perform and we hope that came across to all our audiences.