Christian Voices revived No Room at the Inn for Christmas 2014.

A census is called and the inns are full.  But how did this and the wonderful birth that follows affect the staff and guests at the inn with the stable?

No Room at the Inn

So many people unusually crowded together must have been an interesting and worrying time for all involved.  This above all must have been a stressful period for the inn keepers.

How would you feel if all you had to offer a guest was a stable?  On top of this he has to keep all his guests happy.

In 2014 the play was revived by Christian Voices for three performances.  The playwright, Alan Young, reworked his play adding new material and two new songs.

The cast list can be found here.

The programme produced can be found here.

The complete script can be found will be added at a later date.

The production was performed at:

  • 10:00am, Sunday 14th December 2014, All Saints Church, Bexhill
  • 7:00pm, Sunday 14th December 2014, Calvert Methodist Church, Hastings
  • 10:30am, Sunday 21st December 2014, St. Michael’s Church, Bexhill


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