2008 – 2018 : Ten Years of Christian Voices

Has it really been ten years?  October 2008, and Christian Voices, founded by Alan Young, visit All Saints Church, Sidley and perform for the very first time.  That play was Lost and Found, based on the parable of the Prodigal Son.  The play has a mix of dramatic (acted) scenes interspersed with musical (sung) pieces based around the story at hand.  This is the formula that has been used by Christian Voices ever since.  Seems popular and allows for a different angle to be presented to the story.

Since then we have performed over twenty more plays in more than twenty-five locations around Sussex.

It has been truly inspiring and a privilege to have visited so many locations and we hope we have brought , perhaps, a new understanding or angle to the stories of The Bible.  After all, “Retelling the stories of the Old and New Testaments” is why we’re here!  A HUGE thank you to all our dramatists, songwriters, actors, singers, musicians, costumiers, prompts, and all the backroom helpers.

On this website you can find a page for each and every play and amongst those you’ll find complete cast lists, most of the scripts, programmes and other pamphlets and so forth that we have produced.  There are also over 3,400 photos, clippings and other images and links to videos of many of the songs produced over the years.  The website also has a blog where we post relevant news on our performances or fund raising efforts.

And on that note.  In recent years we have started to collect donations for various charities in the region.  So far we have raised over £5000!  Thank you to all our audiences and congregations who have given so generously!


Here are some quotes from those that have permitted us to perform on their premises and thoroughly grasped the Christian Voices message and run with it.

Fr Stephen Huggins:-

“Over the past 10 years Christian Voices have performed many times for our congregation. The standard of their productions is always excellent, being lively, thoughtful and challenging. They always bring a huge enthusiasm to their performance.
What I particularly admire about Christian Voices is that their members come from a number of local Christian Churches who, together, have contributed much to the lives of their fellow Christians. I very much look forward to the next 10 years.”

Rev Deacon Olivia Werrett:-

“Christian Voices is a vibrant and innovative theatre group which brings Bible stories to life and ties the themes into today’s modern issues. They produce all their own work – both written and musical, and each performance is thought-provoking for all who watch them. I hope they will be with us for many years yet in which we will continue to be inspired and motivated.”

Rev Tricia Williams:-

“Christian Voices have been coming to the local Methodist Churches for many years and we always look forward to their visits. Through their drama presentations and portrayal of the different characters involved they help to bring the Bible stories to life. The plays always give a helpful message and offer encouragement in living the Christian life.”

Thank you to everyone who has passed on comments on our performances – we really appreciate the feedback.  You’ll find many in our blog.

Here’s to many more years bringing the stories of The Bible to life in drama and music!

…and following on from our tenth anniversary in 2018, Christian Voices got together for a celebration buffet in May 2019…