Based on the parable of The Good Samaritan, this story asks us to think about how we react to the needs in the world we see around us every day.

The Samaritan stops to help

Seeing need and risk in equal measure is a common problem for mankind. Minding our own business and not going out of our way to help others is easier but we are called to help where we can.

Can we say that we would be there for a stranger in need? Would we take a risk for someone we don’t know?

For your reference: Luke 10 verses 25-37.

The cast and production team from the performance in 2009 can be found here.

The production was performed:

  • 3:00pm, Saturday 7th November 2009, All Saints’ Church, Sidley
  • 7:00pm, Sunday 8th November 2009, Sidley Baptist Church
  • 7:00pm, Tuesday 10th November 2009, St. Stephen’s Church, Bexhill
  • 7:30pm, Wednesday 11th November 2009, Christchurch Methodist Church, Bexhill
  • 7:30pm, Thursday 12th November 2009, Beulah Baptist Church, Bexhill
  • 9:45am, Sunday 15th November 2009, St. Peter’s Church, Bexhill

What Would You Do – Programme


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