Christian Voices have received some great new comments regarding our latest play, Finding Hope.

Congratulations to you all for yet another brilliant performance ‘Finding Hope’. As always, a story told so simply yet because it was so well written its message was loud and clear. As you know, it’s the fact that there are so little ‘props’ needed or significant costumes involved, and yet we find ourselves taken right into the story, that really attracts me. ‘Finding Hope’ was based on a story everybody knows so well, but seeing the ‘other side’ of the story really brought it home to me.

When you started off with Mark’s grief, it hit home – we’ve all been there, and could understand exactly what he was portraying so well. I could see exactly how the scene could happen in this day and age with myself and friends from church! I particularly enjoyed the shepherds and especially your funny comments.

Your first song’Trying to say Goodbye’ was so poignant, it really moved me, it was sung by Jac and played by Dave so well. It was good too, to see your younger daughter, Laura, back singing again – she has such a lovely voice. As you know, I enjoy seeing youngsters involved in such things, and it was pleasing to see another talented young person involved with you, Niamh. They all do so well, with learning their words and their excellent performances.

All in all, Alan, yet another superb presentation and I’m sure I’m right in saying that we very much look forward to your next visit to Christchurch in May. Thank you so much for always including us in your presentations, and as you said, it is really nice when they are included in our morning service – we really enjoy having you sharing our worship with us.

Many, many thanks Alan, and congratulations to everyone involved with Christian Voices.

With all good wishes for your festive time and 2020, Sandy

Thanks, Sandy. We are always very pleased to receive such wonderful comments

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