And the wonderful comments about Finding Hope by Christian Voices just keep on coming, this time from Vanessa Wood and John Mewett.

Well what can I say, reluctant to use the word “best” as it infers the wrong thing but this was definitely, personally, the loveliest play you have done.

The beginning of the story was a simple message relevant to us all, portrayed with wonderful acting, the difference between being lonely and alone is often a confused one but it was explained beautifully, the process of grieving again wonderfully portrayed.

The way that this then became part of the larger story of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem slipped seamlessly into the later acts. A lovely scene for the shepherds, with its humour, was well thought out. The songs were a delight, “Trying to Say Goodbye” and “Heaven’s Wish” nearly moved me to tears. I would actually like to be able to hear them again or have them to dip into, as and when. Beautifully sung and musically supported. As always, it was lovely to see new members appearing.

From our viewpoint it grasped the attention of the whole audience which was lovely to see, as unlike your Spring and Autumn performances, this was part of a Service so you did not have an audience just there for you.
It was really lovely and very touching .

John says – I have been going to your plays for ten years and this was by far the best (not saying the previous were not excellent) .
The songs were excellent: “Trying to say goodbye” was brilliant that would stand well alone, “Nothing” was worthy of being a proper church / school song and “Heavens Wish” should be a carol. The play was really well written with its humorous parts and on the ball for this time of year. A great shame we went to the last performance and we can’t go and see the play again.

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