Here’s a review of the latest Christian Voices‘ play, “Gifts from God“, from Sandy Willard who is a Steward at Christchurch Methodist Church.

Congratulations once again Christian Voices for your superb presentation of ‘Gifts from God’. As always, the whole performance, the story, the acting, the music and songs, was brilliant and very much enjoyed by us all. Just how you do it, I don’t know, but we always look forward to your next visit.

A couple of members commented on how your group seems to have grown in number, which I’m sure, is good news for your team. I always look for Jamie King – I’m not sure if he and his dad have been with you since 2008, but I know he has been with you for a long time. Like all the members of Christian Voices he seems to really ‘feel’ what he is saying in his acting and for a lad of his age, I’m well impressed!

Your story gave ‘food for thought’, and I enjoyed the light hearted comments here and there. The sentiment of the story brought back memories to me of when I was at school. We were asked to use a set amount of money to try and put it to good use to make more money. Many bought cooking materials and made and sold cakes, others bought craft materials and made and sold cards and ornaments. I did make cakes but I just copied what others suggested – I was too cautious in thought and desperately worried I wouldn’t make enough or even lose it all. I very much felt for Joseph this morning, but hopefully in my older years the message of the story has got through to me!
Well done to you all Alan – we very much look forward to seeing you again in December.

With good wishes to you and to all Christian Voices members

Thanks, Sandy, and we are looking forward to our next play ourselves!

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