A regular contributor, John B. Knight, has once again provided a most excellent poem about one of our plays.


Another amazing production
Type casting done so well,
Both the words and music
Are beyond what we could tell;

Dave and Graham’s playing
With Jac’s singing too,
Expressed to all so beautifully
God’s message to me and you;

The three servants Paul, John & Joseph
were very well portrayed,
And the imposing figure of the Master
so appropriately displayed;

And the two ladies Susan and Agnes
though smaller parts to play,
Really helped to set the scene
in a lovely way;

And finally Simon and Andrew
along with the Banker and Mark,
Gave to the Gospel Story
without doubt to me a top mark.

Keep up the writing Alan
and I will do the same,
Giving all the glory
to Jesus’ precious Name.

Thank you so much, John. A wonderfully-descriptive poem.

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