No, the other one!

Elizabeth and Zechariah have been together many years and have long since come to the conclusion that their path in life does not include children. But how will they and their friends and family react to news, so late in life, that this is about to change?

The next Christian Voices play, The Miraculous Birth, tells the story of the birth of John the Baptist.  From angelic proclamation, an election, a birth, twoo wuv, another angelic proclamation – this play has it all.

The play is written by Alan Young and the songs are written by Dave Chamberlin.

Come and hear our take on this wonderful story of hope, prayers answered and glorious miracles.  You can join us at the following venues – you’re all most welcome!

  • Saturday, 8th October, 3:00pm, Ninfield Methodist Church Hall
  • Sunday, 9th October, 3:00pm, St. Martha’s Church, Little Common
  • Wednesday, 12th October, 7:45pm, Christchurch Methodist Church
  • Thursday, 13th October, 7:45pm, St. Michael’s Church
  • Saturday, 15th October, 6:30pm, Christ The King Church, Eastbourne
  • Sunday, 16th October, 9:45am, St. Peter’s Community Centre, Bexhill

The performances will be in aid of SASBAH, Sussex Association for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus.  The motto of this wonderful organisation is:

“Working with those in Sussex who have Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus to create and develop their best opportunities”

SASBAH is a registered charity in England No. 247430.

About christianvoicesbexhill

Christian Voices is a Musical Drama Group that retells the Bible stories of the Old and New Testament. The members of the group are people from different churches. The script and the songs are based on bible stories and are written by the members of the group. The Group aims to perform two musical plays a year at five different venues.


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