Christian Voices have now completed the first performance of Malachi on Saturday 11/Apr/2015.

The audience at Ninfield Methodist Church Hall were extremely enthusiastic and appreciative of the play and the music.  We’d like to thank the staff at the hall for the wonderful tea we received afterwards.

One attendee, Sandy Willard of Christchurch Methodist Church, has sent this review of the performance to Alan Young, the playwright for Malachi.  Thank you, Sandy, for such lovely words.

Dear Alan,
As was said at Ninfield Church this afternoon – an absolutely brilliant performance – again! I was very pleased too that you had a full audience – that must certainly help you all, to know that so many people want to come along to see your performances, each time.
Whilst I can appreciate that there must be hours of rehearsals and preparation for each performance, the thing that always attracts me is what I see as the simplicity of how you present your stories whilst at the same time, the message comes across loud and clear, particularly on this occasion. I have made a mental note to listen more intently to our services and to test myself re the content, once I get home!
Another part, which always pleases me, is to see the youngsters – Natasha Kristi and Monique, and Laura whom I assume is perhaps your daughter – she certainly is a very good actress, remembering all her words as she did. Not only is it good for the audience and Christian Voices, to have them, but being part of your group must be so good for them as they are growing up, and for their future years. Long may they continue with you.
Congratulations to you all and I hope you have success in all of your forthcoming performances.

Best wishes,    Sandy Willard

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