Here you will find the article about the upcoming play Malachi from the Bexhill Observer published on 03/Apr/2015.

The BO seems to have got a bit confused in the run up to the Holiest day of the year and partially misattributed writing credits for the play.

To correct: the playwright is Alan Young, songs by Dave Chamberlin and the play is directed by Caroline Cox.

We are now into our final week of rehearsals and Christian Voices are excited to see the performances now looming large on the calendar!


As the BO article states, we are currently raising funds for the local charity Dragonflies.  The charity supports young people and their families at their hour of need; the loss of someone close to them.

As it says on their website:

Children grieve differently to adults. Young children experience grief in much the same way that adults do, although they may express their feelings differently and may progress through the various stages of grief more quickly than adults. Sometimes there may be changes in behaviour after a bereavement such as refusing to go to school, abnormal health concerns and anxiety. 

The Dragonflies project offers opportunities to acknowledge a child’s grieving and encourage them to talk about their feelings in a safe and friendly environment.

A worthy and noble cause which we are pleased to be able to support.  Entrance to CV plays is free but there is a retiring collection for those who feel they wish to contribute to this cause.

If you want to attend any of our performances of Malachi, yep as in the Old Testament book, here is the full list of performances.

  • Saturday, 11th April, 3:00pm, Ninfield Methodist Church Hall
  • Monday, 13th April, 8:00pm, St. Martha’s Church, Little Common
  • Tuesday, 14th April, 7:45pm, Beulah Baptist Church, Bexhill
  • Thursday, 16th April, 7:45pm, Calvert Methodist Church, Hastings
  • Sunday, 19th April, 9:45am, St. Peter’s Community Centre, Bexhill
  • Sunday, 19th April, 3:00pm, Bexhill United Reformed Church

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