• Two new songs
  • A whole additional act
  • An extra performance
  • A new director

Perhaps the Inn Keeper will find room for our Holy travellers?
Hmm, as the title is “No Room at the Inn” I’m not holding out much hope.

But Christian Voices hope to give each and every one of you a warm welcome and a great performance of our revised working of our 2013 Christmas play.

Amongst the other changes we have the Christian Voices directorial debut of Graham Payne!
Graham has acted in a huge number of our previous plays so we’re sure that an experienced hand will be brought to the tiller of HMS CV.

Back to the story…
It sounds like our poor overworked inn keeper is going to have yet more piled up on his shoulders this time around.
Perhaps we can convince one of the other guests to give up their room for a pregnant lady and her husband?
That would surprise everyone.

To catch “No Room at the Inn” be at one of these venues.

  • 10:00am, Sunday 14th December 2014, All Saints Church, Bexhill
  • 6:30pm, Sunday 14th December 2014, Calvert Methodist Church, Hastings
    Refreshments at 6:30pm, performance starts at 7:00pm

  • 10:30am, Sunday 21st December 2014, St. Michael’s Church, Bexhill

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