Christian Voices like a good challenge but not as much as our latest “good cause” which we supported through our performances of our play “Let My People Go“.


We find ourselves in awe of the work and dedication of the Bexhill Street Pastors – indeed of all the Street Pastors nationwide.

These dedicated inter-denominational individuals offer care, support and advice to those in need on the streets of Bexhill and Sidley.  Astonishingly, they patrol until 2am every Friday and Saturday night.

It’s important and impressive work – reaching out to our youth and the most vulnerable when they most need it.

I know I would struggle in such a role and this is why Christian Voices were so pleased to do just a little to help the cause.

Through the generosity of our audiences for “Let My People Go” Christian Voices were able to raise £475 towards Bexhill Street Pastors’ £20,000 budget.

To quote our Founding Father, Alan:

“We are very grateful to all the churches who supported us and to all the audiences who gave so generously.”

Our fund raising for Bexhill Street Pastors has been written up in the Bexhill Observer, as can be seen below.

But there’s more!  Alison Marchant, treasurer of Bexhill Street Pastors, wrote the kind letter of thanks that follows and sent it in to the Bexhill Observer!

Thank you, Alison, for the kind words.

Bexhill Observer Article 21/Nov/2014

Bexhill Observer Article 21/Nov/2014

Letter to the Bexhill Observer 21/Nov/2014

Letter to the Bexhill Observer 21/Nov/2014

Street Pastors is an initiative of Ascension Trust, a registered charity in England & Wales, No. 1127204

About christianvoicesbexhill

Christian Voices is a Musical Drama Group that retells the Bible stories of the Old and New Testament. The members of the group are people from different churches. The script and the songs are based on bible stories and are written by the members of the group. The Group aims to perform two musical plays a year at five different venues.

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