Christian Voices have received the following review of Ezra, our last play.
Thanks go to Vanessa Wood for letting us know her thoughts on the production.

I really enjoyed the play as I had expected to. It was a very strong story line that was tackled well. I enjoyed seeing the lady in front thoroughly engrossed at various parts shacking head in despair, nodding in agreement and sighing with relief when people were arguing their points i.e. Leah, Daron and her parent’s scenes, Ezra and Daron in the field.

I thought the scene with Ezra and Abigail was particularly well dealt with by the writing and the actors, it was quite powerful to watch and moving.

Well done to your new member Isaac he done very well and made great scenes out of something quite normally insignificant as a scene change.

The cast always so act well and in such a small stage easily made you feel that their scene extended out much further by gestures, eye line and manner of leaving stage so that you felt they are continuing on in their character even though they had left the scene.

I noticed the insertion of some harmonies in the singing, very nice and the songs were great as always, it is a really good complimentary/in synch/confident band now.

I do think that Beulah’s audiences always give the best responses and get really involved out of all the churches I have been to for your plays. They respond well to the audience participation bits, I hope the other churches did too.

Thanks, Vanessa. We appreciate the feedback.
If you have a comment or question about Christian Voices or our plays & music, let us know!

About christianvoicesbexhill

Christian Voices is a Musical Drama Group that retells the Bible stories of the Old and New Testament. The members of the group are people from different churches. The script and the songs are based on bible stories and are written by the members of the group. The Group aims to perform two musical plays a year at five different venues.


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