Here is another comment, this time from Vanessa Wood.

I loved the play, again a story I didn’t know, the writing led me to be wondering if various scenarios would happen. The characters were excellent – I think each actor matched their role brilliantly, the soothing reasoning voice of Tobias, Eli‘s petulance, Anna‘s worries and obvious love, Simon‘s desire to please everyone and his devotion to Anna, Claudia‘s strength at trying to keep the peace and Mary‘s modesty all shone through. The servant‘s control and calmness over what must have been an amazing event to behold too.
The venue was lovely, it seemed smaller than the last time I was there (for a christening) perhaps because the play was all quite engrossing – the music was lovely, I detected a change in pace and melody.

That’s it, sorry it was so long to arrive and can’t wait for the next one.

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