Here is some wonderful feedback from John Mewett, who has kindly reviewed our latest play.

Christian Voices production of
“The Wedding at Cana”

By Mr. Alan young at St. Michael’s Church Bexhill
Thursday 13th June 2013

The venue was the finest I have yet to visit, this may be because the last few have been during such inclement weather, but St Michael’s Church offered perfect acoustics in which every word spoken by the cast was clearly heard and the sound quality from the musicians was a lot better than I have heard on my last few visits to the De La Warr Pavilion. The play seemed to mix perfectly the task of putting over an important message about trust love and faith with great humour, I was only disappointed to discover that Tobias and Eli hadn’t drunk all the wine and was half expecting a scene in which Tobias was slumped in the corner or Eli had got beside himself inviting all and sundry to the wedding but perhaps then that was better left unsaid.
Once again Mr Graham Payne and Mr. Chris King played their parts with great gusto fantastic stuff and with great comic timing from Mr Peter Bradbury.
The playing of Mary by Caroline Cox was also very sympathetic to the character as was Ms Maria Wheeler as the worried bride and her very worried but supportive mother Ms Meryl Beaumont.

The music was as I have said very clear and precise a number of the tunes were so good they sounded as if they had been with you for most of your life, some like ”Someone to Aspire to” would make a stand alone song in it’s own right and “Ironic” and “Tobias” were reminiscent of thoughtful English pop songs of the best mid 1960’s and sounded like lost classics by bands like The Kinks or The Small Faces
In all a very enjoyable and thought provoking evening


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