Below are the wonderful comments we’ve received from Sandy Willard regarding Christian Voices performances of What Would You Do? In 2012.

Great to get the feedback, Sandy, appreciated.

Well done, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, as always, and look forward to the next one. You seem however to be asking for a more in depth response, and to this I would say that I think Christian Voices is an excellent group that portrays bible stories from different angles, but at the some time, in simple form for all to understand and think about. The whole ‘simplicity’ and yet perfection of it is what also appeals to me – very little dressing up or stage props and yet we are perfectly aware of the situation all the time. I also very much enjoy the singing and music and well done to that family group. I have enjoyed watching the daughter ‘grow up’ over the years I have been to your productions.
I confess that prior to Saturday I hadn’t realised that I had seen your 2009 production but when you started, I thought it was all very familiar. I am afraid I cant actually compare the two performances as I really cant remember my thoughts of the earlier showing apart from the fact that I know I would have enjoyed it, and that the facts stayed with me, which I feel is a good thing – the whole point of such productions I feel. Such facts are not always clear in the Bible and it is good to see other angles and thoughts portrayed.
Obviously, the acting plays a large part in your productions and again, I feel it is excellent. How you all manage to remember your lines I shall never know and only wish I had your skill! The diction of you all is very clear and your sincerity also comes across.
All in all, as I hope you can tell, I thoroughly enjoy your productions and very much look forward to your next one. Well done to you all.

Best wishes, Sandy Willard


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