Below is a lovely email we received from John Mewett regarding the recent performances of What Would You Do?.

Thank you, John, for the feedback.  We are always interested in hearing from those that have attended the performances.

From: John Mewett
Subject: Christain Voices 22.11.12

This play really set me thinking. I am quite familiar with the parable of the Good Samaritan and I am afraid I took the story at its face value and regarded those that “passed by on the other side” as selfish, ignorant or just plainly unpleasant people. It had not occurred to me that an excuse for their inaction may have been that they were prepossessed with their own problems It reminded me of the day when my Father died and as I drove up to Hassocks from Brighton I noticed that the world appeared to be carrying on as normal even though mine had fallen apart and then it occurred to me that each of us must be living with a little tragedy in our lives whist appearing to carry on as normal.
Full appreciation to Mr. Cearns who played the Priest, such wonderful acting I was convinced until the play started that he was the church’s actual vicar eventually I seemed to recall his face from previous Christian Voices performances.
On the subject of good acting special mention must be made to Mr. Young whose projection and voice was as usual loud and clear. Particular mention must be made to the support band now much strengthened by the addition of 5 string bass and synth drums, these only added to the bands already accomplished performance which is growing with every time I attend.
I particularly enjoyed the little keyboard interlude, wonderfully jazzy, chords and arpeggios very pleasant indeed.

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