With the performances rapidly approaching we are pleased to announce that we now are underway with our rehearsal schedule. “What Would You Do?” has started on its (latest) journey to the stage.
Over the coming weeks each of our cast members will be drilled and honed in their chosen role!
This month, that is just the beginning of the news…


As with recent productions, we began with a read through and have now moved on to full cast rehearsals.

Music with added depth:

We are pleased to announce that Graham Morrow returns to the music group as our excellent bassist. Bass guitar that is, just in case anyone thought we’d gone all orchestral and all that! Not just yet, anyway.
Well, Graham is very welcome and we look forward to hearing the music group’s efforts with great enthusiasm.

And a cast with added depth:

We also are very excited to announce that we have two new cast members. Anne Hughes and Maria Wheeler join our merry band for the first time. Having said that, both ladies have been treading the boards locally for some years.


As a result of the above announcements we can now say that the play is fully cast.
Our actors are:

  • Priest: Nick Cearns
  • Elizabeth: Meryl Beamont
  • Matthew: Alan Young
  • Anna: Caroline Cox
  • Mark: Chris King
  • Sarah: Maria Wheeler
  • Mary: Anne Hughes
  • Wounded Man: Graham Payne

Music group and production details to follow.

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