Christian Voices are proud to announce that they are now preparing their next series of performances.
What would you do? is a play by Alan Young (Playwright) and Dave Chamberlin (Songwriter).

When you read the story of The Good Samaritan, it does not say why the Priest, Levite and Samaritan took the same road to Jericho, as the Jewish man who was attacked.
I have come up with three different storylines that explain how this could have happened and then have brought them together in the final Act.

Thus says Alan about this play, based on the famous parable.
Having previously been performed in 2009, Christian Voices are pleased to return to What would you do? Alan has taken time and care to review the script and has rewritten it, so even those who saw the earlier performance will get a lot out of the new shows. Well, we hope so anyway!
A read-through takes place on Monday, 10th September with rehearsals starting later that month.
Currently we are looking at the following performance schedule:

  • Monday, 19th November 2012, St Michael’s Church, 7:45pm
  • Wednesday, 21st November 2012, Bexhill United Reformed Church, 7:45pm
  • Thursday, 22nd November 2012, St Augustine’s Church, 7:45pm
  • Saturday, 24th November 2012, Little Common Methodist Church, 3:00pm
  • Sunday, 25th November 2012, St Peter’s Church, 9:45am

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