John Mewett, who saw “Gifts from God” at The Pelham, has sent Christian Voices this review.

Since I used to go to Sunday School I frequently used to read and discuss this parable. Now……I fully understand how films and plays work. A play such as Romeo and Juliet doesn’t have to be taken literally in Verona of the 15th century but could say something for gang and knife crime today, or, Macbeth can be seen as a play of scheming and plotting as we see in the politics of today and also the same in many films

BUT….SOMEHOW I have remained stuck with receiving the literal translation with the Bible Stories.
Thanks to you Alan and your writing, with this play, you have broken my mindset. I now see a deeper meaning and have a much better understanding of the parable!!

Wonderful part once again for Nick, I am sure that you must write these parts with the members of your ensemble in mind. Lovely music and singing too. A very enjoyable evening and a lovely venue
Thanks again

Thanks to you, John, for taking the time to let us know your thoughts and send in your wonderful comments.

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