As we like to get feedback on our performances we thought you’d like to read another kind review of our latest play, Justice from the Judge.

Sandy Willard of Christchurch Methodist, a Christian Voices regular, has sent us these lovely words about that performance.

I know I thanked you this morning, and said how much I enjoyed your performance but I felt I just had to write to you to say again how I felt about everything connected with this play. As you know, I always enjoy every play, but somehow today was perfection in every way.

Everybody’s diction was so clear and loud, each member knew their words, they came in on cue, each member was so well cast, you and your wife changed the scenery without fuss as and when required, and of course your writing of the story from Luke, was excellent and I particularly liked that there were bits of humour in it. It was easy to watch, and the message was there loud and clear. I liked the way emphasised reference to God and prayer was so simply dealt with, especially in the closing of the performance. As always too I enjoyed Dave’s songs and his singing with your wife and the other lady – again, so simple words, but emphasised all that was told in the acting.

It was lovely too to see your daughters there with you and I think Jamie is doing so well with the group. He tells me he has been with you for some seven years, and it’s so good to follow him through all your presentations.

I really look forward to seeing you again for your next play but I just can’t see that you will be able to better today’s – it was truly great.


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