We always like to get feedback on our performances and our latest play, Justice from the Judge, has already received several that we’ll upload in the coming days.

Vanessa Wood and John Mewett went to our performance in St Martha’s Church Hall. They have sent us this lovely review of that performance. Thank you so much, Vanessa and John.

A very enjoyable evening!!
The addition of the Drum backing was very good and the songs, as usual, complimenting each Act really well.
Lovely vocals, very clear and in a lovely key too!
Very well acted! It was nice to see a new face (Dana) and the return of another (Jo). The portrayal of the young adult/parent relationship was very well observed. Personally, I felt that it almost put the main storyline into the background, and I was left a little disappointed that I will never know if Simon bonded back with his Mum. Dave’s song (“Teenage Attitude”) was a very strong and a good description of teenage angst.
John really enjoyed it and found it as, with all of Alan’s plays, very thought provoking! He thinks considering it is an amateur production, the acting is always of a very high standard! Jamie portrayed his character well and it was nice to see Graham back playing the bass guitar. It was also noticeable how well engaged the audience were.
The play got the large audience it deserved.


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