Christian Voices are very pleased to have received these lovely comments from Barry Turnwell and Sandy Willard from Christchurch Methodist Church. about our performances of Finding Room in December 2018.

Just a short note to thank you and all the members of CV for the excellent presentation at our service today. We really enjoy your visits and the play and music today were very reflective and thoughtful. Please do convey our thanks to all the members.
We are pleased that you will be coming again on Sunday 19th May for our 10.30am service. I think that you said that the title was ‘Justice for the judge’.
Renewed thanks to you all for your visit that I know the congregation greatly enjoyed.
Every blessing for 2019

from Barry

Dear Alan,
It was great to welcome you to Christchurch again this morning – we always look forward to your visits and to chat to you all after your performances. Your presentation of Finding Room, was excellent as always, and I particularly enjoyed how it so cleverly included the story of The Good Samaritan and The Prodigal Son. I also really enjoyed your songs, your words are very insightful, and of course the singing of them by your wife and Laura. I personally love to see the youngsters taking part – Millie, Laura and Jamie all do so well with their words, acting and singing.
Well done and thank you to everyone involved in today’s performance. As I said above, it’s always our pleasure to have you with us, and we will very much look forward to your next visit in May.
With all good wishes.

Sandy x

Thanks to Sandy & Barry, we always appreciate comments and feedback from our audiences.

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