Here’s a lovely comment from Temi, who has worked with Christian Voices in the past, on our performances of Leap of Faith.

It is always such a joy to be able to be a part of your plays, as a participant or as a member of the audience. 
I am always so overwhelmed by the love you all show me and I’m left feeling thankful for the blessing of knowing you all and being a part of the Christian voices family.
I want to congratulate you again for reaching the landmark of 10 years of ministry, for your obedience to God’s calling, and for your faithfulness in keeping it going. You can not know the number of lives that have been touched by God through the plays, but God certainly does, and I’m sure that He will continue to bless you, your family and all those who are a part of this ministry and to give you all that you need to continue this good work.
I am always eager to be a part of anything that gives me the opportunity to perform for God and hope that He will provide another opportunity for me to participate in future plays, but as always I surrender everything to God knowing that He knows best and that His timing is always perfect!

…a big congratulations on another fantastic play!

Thanks, Temi, and we hope to have you on the other side of the footlights in the future!

About christianvoicesbexhill

Christian Voices is a Musical Drama Group that retells the Bible stories of the Old and New Testament. The members of the group are people from different churches. The script and the songs are based on bible stories and are written by the members of the group. The Group aims to perform two musical plays a year at five different venues.


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