Comments regarding Christian Voices most recent outing, Bridges or Walls, keep coming.  We’ve received the note below from Sandy Willard, who took the Service at Christchurch Methodist Church on 21st January 2018.

Dear Alan,
I know I have thanked you, but felt I just had to say another thank you – your presentation today certainly warranted at least two thank you’s!
As you said, it was different, but again the message was there, and it was so well put across. I loved the musical back ground music too, your songs were excellent, and the singing of your oh so talented family! 
Everyone who spoke to me at the end of the service, spoke highly of the performance.
It was a really great pleasure having you with us this morning, thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing you all again, before too long. 
Best wishes Alan to you and your family, Sandy x

About christianvoicesbexhill

Christian Voices is a Musical Drama Group that retells the Bible stories of the Old and New Testament. The members of the group are people from different churches. The script and the songs are based on bible stories and are written by the members of the group. The Group aims to perform two musical plays a year at five different venues.


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