Let’s see who or what led our Number 1 Christian Voices groupie John Mewett to give “The Runaway Slave” such a wonderful thumbs up…

A warm welcome was given on arrival and the play was introduced. I was pleasantly surprised by the near perfect acoustics in the church.

Every word was clearly heard although it was a shame that the band experienced problems with their pa, but in no way did that distract from the enjoyment of their performance.
I particularly liked the song “A Grown-Ups World” written by Dave Chamberlin – a nice structure.

The play concerned the plight of the runaway slave, Onesimus, who is found hiding in Rome by Epaphras, a friend of Onesimus’ Master, Philemon. Paul, who is now being helped by Onesimus, decides to send him back to Philemon.

The roles played by the young actors of Luke (Jamie King) and Anna (Mille Young) were very poignant and a joy to behold.

For me, a well-directed play by Graham Payne with a very good allocation of cast to role by Alan Young. Nice costumes and a good set, which used the space well in this church.

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