We’re always happy at Christian Voices to receive reports from our audiences on our productions and The Runaway Slave is no exception.

Thanks to Sandy Willard who wrote to us with this review from the performance at Christchurch Methodist Church.

Dear Alan,
Congratulations Christian Voices for your performance of The Runaway Slave.

As always it was brilliantly performed, and as you know, I really appreciate the simplicity of it all. Small cast, very few props, no background scenery, and yet the message comes through loud and clear.

Well done Alan for the excellent script and well done, too, to Dave Chamberlin for the words to each of the songs, verifying the acts performed.

I particularly enjoy seeing youngsters included in your cast – Jamie and Millie did so well and hopefully their taking part, as they do, will be helpful to them for a good understanding of our Lord’s work.

The thing that will remain with me, from this performance, were Philemon’s
words, towards the end, when he said, to the effect, that he had to forgive Onesimus, as our Lord had forgiven him for his sins. Obviously I can’t quote the actual words now, but they hit home and again I thought “well done Christian Voices, message received”!!

I very much look forward to hearing about your next performance, and I
send good wishes for the rest of your Runaway Slave performances.

Best wishes, it was very good to see you, Sandy x

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