Well, Christian Voices have wrapped up another show.
Let my people go has been well received and we’d like to thank all those who came to any of the six shows.

John Mewett has kindly sent us his thoughts on our performance at All Saints Church.

We too were impressed by our team of junior members – all the actors with speaking parts and all the singers involved in all the songs.

Thanks John for the review.

As for the next event – news on that will follow in the weeks to come. 🙂

Christian Voices
All Saint’s Church
Thursday 16th October 2014

Once again, another delightful church that I would not have thought about visiting if it were not as a venue to see another Christian Voices production

The play concerned the pleading by Moses, under God’s instructions, to the King of Egypt to release the Hebrew slaves that he was holding and the threatened and subsequently carried out plagues that God threw down on the kingdom of Egypt.

As can be seen in the Hollywood Blockbuster Movies this is quite a dramatic story with quite few multi million dollar scenes that were skilfully alluded to by the cast members in conversation and “off stage” references.
Congratulations therefore to the playwright Alan Young in this rather daunting task well executed.
I look forward, hopefully, to further plays on the Children of Israel’s journey to the Promised Land.

The Music and Songs by Dave Chamberlain were as usual of a very high standard.
Whilst the chores of the rhythm section were more than covered by the drum programme I did miss the live Drum and Bass playing, I hope nothing tragic has happened here and their absence was only one of logistics

The story was well performed in nice loud and clear voices; special mention must be made to the younger members of the cast (can we look forward to a Nativity play?)
I also noticed some more new cast members, very welcome addition to an already accomplished drama group

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