After the Summer break (and we do hope you had a good long break) comes – The Story of Moses.
And before you ask, no, we aren’t going for a major “The Rainmakers” revival.

This new musical play revolves around God’s “punishments” on the citizens of Egypt until the King agreed to free His (God’s) people.

We will see the reactions of the slaves and their families to what is happening around them and the conditions they struggle & suffer in their day to day existence.

Of course there are two of the Bible’s most iconic characters present and we’ll see some of Moses and Aaron’s persistence in faith that not only birthed a nation but is a fundamental pillar in no less than three major religions.

With an excellent cast, a script by Alan Young, songs by Dave Chamberlin and Caroline Cox as director we’re hoping to see you at one – or many – of our performances of this entirely new work!

Please note: there are no snakes in this performance! So if you’re ophidiophobic you shouldn’t have any difficulty joining us!

Performance dates for “Let my people go” will follow shortly.

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