Our founding father, Alan Young, has received these wonderful comments from Sandy Willard, a member of the Christchurch Methodist Church, Ninfield.

Dear Alan,

Well done to you all for yet another brilliant drama. As you know, I always enjoy your productions – seeing ‘the other side’ of stories we know so well, gives one food for thought, and today was no exception. Everyone spoke so clearly too, we had no difficulty in hearing or following the story – I think it is amazing what you achieve with so few member in your group. How they all remember their words, I will never understand!
I also thoroughly enjoy the music side of these events. I spoke to Mr & Mrs Chamberlin as I left the chapel and congratulated them, and especially for the inclusion of their younger daughter. Both the girls do so well, and I think it is lovely that they are included as they are. The same comments of course, go to young Jamie for his part as Mark – he was so confident. Congratulations to you all, and I look forward to your next presentation.

Best wishes, Sandy Willard.

Thanks for the wonderful comments.
Hope to see you at our next play later this year!

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