Christian voices come to you
To do the best that we can do;
Having gifts that we can share
In drama, music and elsewhere;
Reaching out in Christian life
As inspired by God above;
Inviting all to come and see
The way God speaks to you and me;
Sometimes through a spoken word
That brought in real blessing when it was heard;
Taking from the everyday
To make it special in some way;
Inspiring son a song to sing
To encourage and new Hope to bring;
Adding to our daily life
News of blessing, not of strife;

Valuing the truths of God
To help us walk the path Christ trod;
Offering new ways of living
Simply by more generous giving;
Including putting others first
Who often hunger and do thirst;
Caring for all those in need
And being willing them to feed;
Encourage those in deep despair
Who simply want someone to care;
Shows that love that knows no end
Something God will always send.

10/8/11. John B. Knight.
John attends Sidley Baptist Church, Bexhill and has been very supportive of Christian Voices.
We are very grateful to him for his inspirational poems.


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